Algonquin Park – Bat Lake and Lookout Trail

Algonquin Park is one of the most popular Provincial parks in Ontario, Canada. It features thousands of hiking and canoeing trails. It is approximately 3 hours North of Toronto. For our first visit, we decided to tackle the Bat Lake trail and the Lookout trail. 

Bat Lake trail offered an easy hike. It is a 5.6 kilometer hoop that takes you through a variety of forests. Its main feature, the acidic Bat Lake, was pretty underwhelming. It looked like your typical Ontario lake. What we enjoyed the most was the beautiful stream in the first few kilometers of the hike. The trail itself was well kept, so it was very easy to walk.

The Lookout trail is only 1.9 kilometers long but it was a tough climb. You spend the whole hike walking uphill! However, the view is well worth it. The lookout was truly breathtaking. Although this trail is basically a gravel road, it was a tough climb. I would not recommend this trail for small children or people with bad knees. 

 For more pictures and info, check out our Youtube video:


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