21 Day Paleo Challenge

During the March break, Marc and I caught a virus and we were extremely sick for a week. Marc was sick even longer, because his turned into severe bronchitis. Now that we are feeling better, we know it’s time to change the way we eat. I consider myself to be a carboholic.I love any food that has carbs; especially pizza. With both of us working on opposite schedules, we tend to eat out a lot because it’s easier. However, we’ve decided to change our diet and try to eat healthier, natural foods.

Throughout our Paleo challenge, we are not allowed to eat or drink:

  • Grains
  • Dairy
  • Legumes
  • Refined sugar
  • Alcohol

We can eat:

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • meat
  • natural sugars (such as maple syrup and honey)
  • water
  • tea
  • coffee

This will be really tough but we are ready for a change!

At the end of the week, I will be posting our weekly meal plan and how we did!

Dreadlock Timeline

***Ignore the time stamps on the pictures, I messed up!***


My dread journey began May 18th, 2015. I used the backcomb and crochet method because my dreads need to be relatively neat for professional reasons. I’m taking A LOT of pictures because I want to keep track of my progress. I’ve wanted dreads for many, many years but it never felt like the right time. I kept changing my mind but my husband finally said “just do it, don’t live your life regretting that you didn’t”. So I did it! And I love them! Without further ado, here is my journey thus far:


This is a picture from a year ago. I dyed my hair black. My real hair colour is actually light brown. I don’t plan on dying my hair anymore.



My hair is a little longer than shoulder length. I used the vitamin C and head and shoulders shampoo method to try and get some of the black to fade. To my surprise, it only worked on the top part of my head.

timeline (1 of 1)-2


I decided to use the brick pattern because it seemed the easiest. Thankfully my husband spent many hours sectioning the hair for me and stood by as I poked myself with a tiny crochet needle over and over.

1 year later: If I could change one thing, it would be the sectioning. We should have taken more time to make the sections even. Oh well!

timeline 2 (1 of 1)


Here are a few views. It was 4am and I just wanted to sleep… but that didn’t happen. Mistake number 1 – I left rubber bands on my roots. I barely got any sleep because my scalp was so sore. I woke up early the next morning and cut them out. Instant relief.

I’ve decided to leave the ends wispy.


I decided to wash my hair because it was unbearably itchy. I didn’t do anything to prepare my hair for dreads so I think my scalp was going through shock. They are starting to lay down a bit.


The frizz is already beginning. They feel wonderful and I am absolutely in love with them. I love waking up in the morning and not having to brush/wash my hair.

straight hair (11 of 68)


Holy frizz! I am shocked to see the amount of frizz seeing as I have very straight hair. Oh well, it’s all part of the game. Palm rolling doesn’t seem to be helping.



Mistake number 2 – I decided to do some crochet maintenance on my roots and dreads. In retrospect, I should have just let them be. You live and you learn. Testing out our new lens – NIKON 35mm

Please excuse the dandruff >.< My scalp is still getting used to being washed once a week.


Time flies when you’re watching dreadlocks mature! Just kidding, it’s the slowest thing ever. But patience is rewarding. As of this month, I am now dandruff free! Falling in love with them more and more every day. However, I think I’m going to comb out the giant dread in the center of my crown. It’s starting to hurt when I sleep on my back.

Also, decorations! 🙂

straight hair (16 of 68)


I took these pictures a few days ago. I have a few zigzags but no loops yet. I decided to comb out my big dread and make three smaller dreads out of it. It’s much more comfortable now and they dry faster.


School has begun, so I’m a little more bothered by the messy hair. Here they are!

I am a little worried about the weak spots in my dreads. I hope they fix themselves soon.



You can really see the different colors!


I woke up this morning and suddenly realized that my hair is actually starting to feel like dreads! They’ve gotten much thicker and I am so happy with them! I went through a period where I was a little annoyed with them because nothing seemed to be changing. But now I’m absolutely convinced that I will have dreads for many, many years. Here are some recent pictures. They were taken on Halloween (hence the white and yellow string). I was dressed as Snapchat.

7 months!!

Not much has changed in the last month. I’ve recently won a dreadlock contest (first time I ever win a contest!) and will be receiving some human hair extensions and dread beads. Hopefully I get them in before month 8!! They never sent my prize 😦 Needless to say, I won’t be buying extensions from that company…

Here are a few pictures after a wash.

I made this hat 🙂

straight hair (31 of 68)straight hair (32 of 68)

Before and after my ACV rinse. I was using Knotty Boy’s dreadlock shampoo bar but I never liked the smell or the way it made my hair feel. I just ordered Trader Joe’s tea tree shampoo (had to order it through Amazon because there are no Trader Joe’s in Canada) so I’ll post an update on that soon!

8 months
Welcome to Canada – where it’s still really cold. Took advantage of the sunny day and took some pictures outside. They are getting pretty messy.

It’s only taken 8 months to come up with a decent updo…

9 months
Nothing much has changed since then anyways. My husband says that I’ve gained a little bit of length! Personally I don’t see it, but they do feel thicker. All I see is a giant mess. I’ve got an insane amount of loose hair at my roots. It’s time to do some light maintenance. I’ve seen some professional maintenance done on a few dreadheads and I was pretty disappointed. It looked too tight and “fake” because they tucked every last hair into the dread. So I’m just going to do the maintenance myself with the same crochet hook that I started my dreads with. I’m only going to do some maintenance on the roots. So next month, they will be a little neater!

Look at this freakin’ mess!!

10 months!

Oh they feel so much better now that they are a little less messy! I tried to wait until 12 months but I just couldn’t wait anymore. I have to look somewhat professional for my work; I couldn’t just wear a bandana every day.

They are really coming along! Sometimes I wish I had made smaller sections though. Even though we sectioned them before we dreaded them, it feels like a lot of them are huge while other are tiny. Oh well, just gotta go with the flow.

Finally got myself a “hippie” sweater 🙂

My favorite dreads – I didn’t want to “fix” them with the crochet hook. I’m just letting them do their own thing.

straight hair (62 of 68)straight hair (63 of 68)straight hair (65 of 68)

So close to a year old!

11 months

I think they are getting longer! They are definitely getting thicker!

12 months!!!

It’s finally been a year!!!!

Feels like such a long year yet it went by so quickly. Much has changed in the past year. I still love my dreads and I don’t plan on taking them out any time soon! This summer, I will be spending a lot of time outside so I plan on trying new things such as bleaching my hair with lemon juice. I’m also going to keep spraying them with sea salt spray in hopes of getting them to mature even faster. For those of you who have been following since day 1, thank you!

11 months (3 of 4)11 months (1 of 4)11 months (2 of 4)straight hair (1 of 1)

If I had to guess, I’d say I’ve gained about an inch in the past year. Which is pretty good, considering the shrinkage!

Day 3 vs Week 3 Vs Month 3 Vs 1 year

straight hair (2 of 68)straight hair (9 of 68)straight hair (16 of 68)11 months (2 of 4)
Hello again! I haven’t posted any pictures in a while. Teaching full time is keeping me pretty busy. Here are a few recent shots: 

This shot was taken in October, so my dreads are about a year and a half here. 

This was the first snow of the year so they are a year and 7 months here. My mom bought me a ring that was too small for my fingers so I put it in my hair instead! 

Dreads at about a year and 8 months here. They seems to be getting longer 🙂

Chikanishing and Lighthouse trail – Killarney Provincial Park



Killarney + June + rain = an insane amount of mosquitos. You don’t believe us? Check out our Youtube video for a shot of Marc covered in mosquitoes. 

Needless to say, these two hikes were not very pleasant. It was raining, incredibly hot and humid and the bugs were terrible. At the end of the hike, we had more water in our rain gear from sweating than we did on the outside. We headed to the Killarney shop and purchased some much needed bug nets. These were a life saver! If you don’t mind getting wet, we would suggest wearing a bug net shirt instead of dousing yourself in bug spray or covering yourself in layers. 

Here is a link to the bug jackets we purchased. We have not tested any other brand because this one worked perfectly.


To count how many mosquitoes were flying around Marc, click here!


The Crack – Killarney Provincial Park

The Crack

killarney (1 of 1)-3


For a more pictures, check out our Youtube video:


The Crack is the most daunting and most popular trail found in Killarney Provincial Park. The trail takes about 4 hours to complete and has very difficult sections where you are climbing from one boulder to the next. The trail itself is part of the La Cloche Silouette Trail, which is an 80 kilometer trail within the park.

The trail is hard to spot from the highway since there is no official sign. Instead, it has two reflective diamond signs in the entrance. There is plenty of parking. Although the first half of the trail wasn’t physically difficult, it had its own challenges. As we walked through the thick bush surrounded by swamps and mud, we fought to keep our sanity amongst the thick clouds of mosquitoes. I mean, I’ve never seen it this bad in Ontario. In mother nature’s defense, June is usually the month where mosquitoes are at their worst. Plus, it had rained the entire day before our hike so we knew the bugs would be bad. Thankfully we had some bug nets and insect repellent. Even so, we had to re-apply quite a few times since it was so hot today! We met up with two women and their dogs who were spending the weekend in Killarney. They had left their bug spray behind so of course we insisted that they use some of ours

As well as the mosquitoes, most of the trail was muddy and wet, so we spent a lot of time detouring the main trail. I’m not afraid to get my shoes dirty in some mud but these were just too deep .

Once we were finally out of the bush our jaw dropped when we saw the next challenge awaiting us – a steep climb along the mountain side. Slow and steady wins the race we said to each other. We paid very close attention to where our next would be and climbed on. It was incredibly steep, so we stopped along the climb for some breaks. We saw a guy racing to the top and thought he must be completely insane. At this point, we were about half way to the crack. We followed the trail through some more bush and finally arrived to a plateau where the beautiful silver rock was exposed and glistening in the sun. We could see the crack in the distance! We could even spot some of the hikers on the top that had passed us along the way. By then it was mid-afternoon, so the sun was really beaming down. Now that we were finally out of the shade where the  mosquitoes love to hide, we were treated to the beautiful sun. We followed the markers as we climbed uphill again and suddenly we found ourselves staring at the crack! (Haha). We stopped for a while as some people climbed down. As I mentioned before, The Crack is very popular, so there were many, many people on the trail. We climbed the huge boulders within The Crack and finally we had made it to the top. It was a beautiful sight, offering views of Silver Peak, Lake Huron and the surrounding wooded area. We had our lunch as we enjoyed the cool breeze and took some time to relax. The difficult hike was worth the view. Maybe some day we will attempt the La Cloche Silouette trail, but today was certainly not that day. As we headed back, Marc suddenly began to feel very tired. Before long, we realized that both of us had some pretty bad sun burns, and Marc had a very minor sun stroke. You never feel that sunburn until later in the evening when it’s too late to prevent it. Next time, we will bring some sun screen and Marc will wear a hat.

It was very hot and humid today so we drank a lot of water. In total, it took us 5 hours to hike The Crack but we spent about an hour at the top. So really, it took about four hours.

For our hike, we brought our basic safety kit which consists of first aid, fire and water filtration. We also carried 4 liters of water which we finished by the time we reached the parking lot and some home-made MREs’. And of course, we carried our camera equipment to document our adventure. This is without a doubt the hardest trail we’ve attempted so far. We look forward to the next challenge!

Algonquin Park – Bat Lake and Lookout Trail

Algonquin Park is one of the most popular Provincial parks in Ontario, Canada. It features thousands of hiking and canoeing trails. It is approximately 3 hours North of Toronto. For our first visit, we decided to tackle the Bat Lake trail and the Lookout trail. 

Bat Lake trail offered an easy hike. It is a 5.6 kilometer hoop that takes you through a variety of forests. Its main feature, the acidic Bat Lake, was pretty underwhelming. It looked like your typical Ontario lake. What we enjoyed the most was the beautiful stream in the first few kilometers of the hike. The trail itself was well kept, so it was very easy to walk.

The Lookout trail is only 1.9 kilometers long but it was a tough climb. You spend the whole hike walking uphill! However, the view is well worth it. The lookout was truly breathtaking. Although this trail is basically a gravel road, it was a tough climb. I would not recommend this trail for small children or people with bad knees. 

 For more pictures and info, check out our Youtube video: